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Spinach Salad with Dried Fruit Recipe

In large amounts of water, wash one by one if necessary, then pass through the salad dryer. Cut green leafy vegetables by hand, and chop them with bamboo or ceramic knives if possible. Let them prepare for the food they will meet with the sauce.

How should diet salad dressings be?

Salad Sauces / Vinaigrette Sauce Recipe The most important ingredient that makes a salad a vizier.

On the name of the sauce, they rise up like olive oil. If you spoil him too much, he will take it for the salad; of course your excess weight

Honey, mayonnaise, unhealthy fats (even more than olive oil), whipped cream, this is a blow to the beginning and the essence is healthy. Yes, like protein, fat is one of the building blocks of the body, antioxidants and many useful ingredients are needed to be mixed into the blood, but it should be well adjusted.

The common name is vinaigrette ,which she accepted as salad dressings;balsamic vinegar, lemon-orange juices, olive oil, salt & pepper and various fresh and dry spices (what you think, spices accelerate metabolism) should be prepared by beating in a separate bowl and adding to the salad before serving.

1 gram of olive oil has been 9 calories to you (you did not read it wrong), let the hand get used to a bother coward. If there are animal proteins such as red meat, fish, chicken, cheese and oily seeds such as almond, sesame and walnut in our salad, it should be remembered that these are also a source of fat.

Bye, fat Carbohydrate and protein problem in salad

Tabbule Salad Recipe Session topic in itself.

Food groups that increase the feeling of satiety, accelerate metabolism, muscles, hormones and vital activities in itself should of course be in the salad. But how?

Although it varies according to the person and metabolic rate, few of them should use the decision to the extent of the most harmful ingredients, especially carbohydrates, and they should know well what to waive if they exist in the game.

In fact, the measure to be taken is very simple: the most popular in recent years kinoa, boiled chickpeas, beans, lentils, bulgur, rice, wheat, cucumber ingredients should not exceed the ingredients, should give color.

For example half a glass of boiled lentils, such as vegetable protein or 2-3 meatballs in the size of lean red meat,seafood,boiled chicken did not like a boiled egg if you do not like a handful of curd cheese, cheese is less than the rate of cheese varieties. This much.

Sweet corn and carrots, such as potatoes, sugared and carbohydratecontaining vegetables, carbohydrate source boiled pulses, sauteed meat or vegetables, fat-containing avocado slices, sugar fruit slices, nuts, bread, what to do next. Of course not.

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