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Last Exit Before Weighing: How Should Diet Salads and Sauces Be?

The weather is already cold but summer is coming, they say. I still understand there is hope. In these days when we dreamed of sea, sun and sand, En The Most Effective Diet Lists to Know ”has already begun to be seriously researched and preparing detox drinks in homes . We can read lips, even if you do not say it, “that’s me,” we know you say.

In fact, it is important to eat a healthy piece of food, to expect miracles such as waiting for the last minute goal in order to include healthy food in our lives and make it a routin “Let me make a change today to eat a salad mak to break the sentence. In the meantime, do not say that they are taken when they come to mind at the creek.

Is every salad diet?

Last Exit Before Weighing: How Should Diet Salads and Sauces Be

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Mixed salad

Are the salads that appear to be lifesavers of the diet lists as innocent as you might think? There’s a salad, there’s a salad. If it is low-fat, the shepherd’s salad is, of course, healthy and flows. There are, of course, those beautiful fresh vegetables and greens that settle among the greens to take you away from your diet.

They do not hide themselves, they find a space to settle into the head corner of the salad. No submission, no more “dear.” It’s you who will show them who the boss is. I will judge your will and say, “If I take a scale from you, a coupon from that, a cheek from it, it is enough to beautify my salad!” You should too. Otherwise, it would be pit fat, leop leop meat. A thousand regrets that you don’t eat hamburgers.

Diet salad

We should poke a little, mix it up before serving, take out the identity cards of the salads. High water content, low calorie, high fiber structure of these curly greens, in essence quite healthy.

They contain many vitamins and minarets, which facilitate digestion. They increase immunity and provide acid-base balance. Moreover, when consumed before or near a light vegetable meal, they create a feeling of satiety without exhausting the stomach..

The secret of healthy salad

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Salads, the color of our lives, actually serve as the main course. For this reason, we must adjust the knob of the weigher correctly and give enough space to the basic nutrients.

First create a healthy base. Lettuce varieties, arugula, spinach, parsley, dark green leafy vegetables such as dill, tomato varieties, colored peppers, onion varieties, cucumbers, purple cabbage, such as the beautiful stage. No curly or arugula. Weight loss efforts are also in favor of diversity.

Dark green leafy vegetables with higher nutritional and vitamin values should be included in the market-market lists. A fresh leafed spinach salad contains plenty of magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, iron and high antioxidants when supported by the right nuts.

Last Exit Before Weighing: How Should Diet Salads and Sauces Be?

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